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Choosing Your Lenses

Icare Optical can help you determine the best lens choice for your lifestyle.

Single Vision Lenses
If you are in need of prescription glasses that provide a single focal power throughout the lens, then single vision lenses may be the right choice for you.

Progressive Lenses
For those who need assistance with seeing close-up and distance, a progressive lens offers Multifocal capabilities. This is a great benefit, because instead of having to wear multiple pairs of glasses, you can experience clear vision with the help of just one pair of progressive lenses.

Lens Material
There are a few options when it comes to lens materials.  Glass is resistant to scratching, but it tends to be heavier than plastic lenses.  It is not recommended to use for athletic eyeglasses, due to a higher chance of breakage.  Plastic lenses known as 1.50 index can be used for lower prescriptions, but there are also mid-index plastic lenses.  The mid and high index lenses get progressively lighter and thinner.  Finally, for an index of 1.67 to 1.74, there are ultra high-index lenses.

Specially-designed coatings can add various benefits to your lenses, from anti-reflection to UV protection.  You can speak with us to learn about all of the available options and what may be advantageous to your lifestyle.